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My Story

I was born in a family where the know-how was characteristic of each member. A mother who had nimble fingers. From embroidery to sewing and from knitting to culinary art, she has left nothing unturned. A father who made a career in the luxury clothing business. My brothers and sisters were all imbued with elegance and distinction. So I grew up in this taste for refined clothes and good looks. It gave me the chic and classy look that is part of me while remaining simple.

By creating Métis, I wanted to give today’s woman, whatever her gender, age or tendencies, the opportunity to combine elegance and comfort, intellect and style, femininity. In this vision, I wanted to reconcile all these assets to give the modern woman more confidence and chic and allow her to be well dressed and elegant in her daily life.

Métis was also inspired by my Mediterranean culture, which I wanted to merge with a slight touch of oriental to retain all its femininity. I use natural fibers, such as linen, cotton and silk, which keep longer and to avoid pollution and thus contribute to the protection of the environment.

Metis identity

Métis is an independent fashion brand based in the UAE. Métis designs are inspired by traditional craftsmanships and culture embedded in a contemporary design. This touch of traditional patterns within contemporary designs gives elegance to colorful casual women line to wear daily. Its optimal design enables confort and ease to wear.

Métis supports local artisans, women crafts and seeks to promote several cultures.

Métis manufacturing processes focus on reducing pollution making garments that you’ll buy once, then wear time and time again. The brand constantly looks at ways to reduce waste in the use a paper free invoice system, reuse of left over fabric pieces fabrics.

Metis is above all, an alloy, an union, a mix between the old and the modern, a blend of culture to enhance and refine the modern woman, giving her a style in a simple, discreet and above all practical and comfortable elegance.

Metis, as its name says , has drawn on this cultural mix to give women of today, whatever their style, their age their ideology or their tendencies; a certain refined distinction in which it combines appearance and intellect, femininity and feminism. In this vision, Metis wants to allow all women, a physical and financial access to this refinement and this class and make her a confident woman.

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